Our events team started as a group of Latin Dance instructors who teach Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha every Tuesday night at the famous Black Belt Salsa facility in Denver, Colorado.  Many know all the other dance genres as well!  

Over the years we acquired tens of thousands of dollars worth of lights, dj equipment, event and holiday decorations, special effects lighting and fog machines for our weekly parties and special events that we hold throughout the year.  Because our parties are so EPIC, we started getting asked to do weddings, private and corporate events.  The flow into the world of public entertainment became VERY easy for us.   We ALREADY have a full-blown EVENT and DANCE PARTY every Tuesday night in Denver anyway!!  

Our events and parties are nothing short of WORLD CLASS.  For our "Haunted Halloween Mansion Ball" we totally creep-out any venue with an Epic fog machine that makes the floors look like clouds... we hold a SUPER ELEGANT Black-Tie  "Red Carpet Masquerade Ball"... our "All-White Holiday Glow" party is to die for, plus we always celebrate Thanksgiving Potlucks, Football Parties, Mardi Gras celebrations, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day parties, and ssssssooooo much more!!!  

Come join us!  ... or ask us for ideas for YOUR party celebration!! 

Check our weekly Salsa group classes at:   www.ThisIsSalsa.com